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Spain Chronicles; The Begining

July, 15th, 2018

The day had finally arrived. 4 months prior to this date, after an intense day of work, I got home about midnight; took a shower, loaded my bong and relax for the night. I started surfing the web for plane tickets out of curiosity, and decided to go just for it.

It was my first long time trip and alone. Destinantion: Spain and Italy. Dedicated for 2 things only: Connecting with my roots and Gastronomy. The week before my flight; anxiety kicked in. “ Shit Got Real” was all I could think day by day, along with a mix of emotions never felt before.

38 hours later I landed in Barcelona. I made the mistake of waiting until that same day to book a room somewhere, and spend 1 and half hour sitted on the airport trying to find some place to crash.

Ended up in a hostel right next to “Sagrada Familia”. At first I was bummed, since I wanted my own private setting; But then everything came together, kinda felt like destiny. Met so many people, from different cultures, mentality and lifestyles; and most importantly, learned from them.

And from that day on, many of them have become real true friends.

3 weeks prior to my trip, I dedicated a full morning for reservations in High-End Restaurants. My goal: Try to learn and suck like a sponge every knowledge and experience possible related to both gastronomy and life.

Got my 1st booking for aBaC Restaurant; a 3 Michellin Star one of the best of the world;and Alchimia, rated #1 Michellin in Barcelona.

I tried them all, from simple traditional tapas, to fine dining restaurants, and every time I would sit down and eat, the learning process would begin. My 5 senses were so lit paying attention to every detail that was happening.

The “tapas” is just out of this world, you could go through all day long eating small bites and feeling satisfied. It was so simple! But Real! Real flavours, simple presentations and lots of tradition.

But I do have to say. Something very wrong was happening(mostly in the Barcelona area). It was very hard to find real authentic spanish food. It was very similar of my hometown, where they have adapted a “turistic” type of food, and realness was a big deal to find.

My worst meal so far was a dinner watching the sunset in “Barceloneta Beach”. Ridicolous expensive and the worst paella I have ever tasted. They would fuck tourists in the cheekhole so easy. I felt so disrespected and ripped off... but hey its part of LIFE! :) .

Regarding Transportation; fuck the metro, Uber, taxis or buses; I had my surfskate with me! . I rode it everywhere; making me excercise and moving constantly.

Lots of learning, new friends, lovely memories and never forgetting experiences that will last a lifetime! Thank you lovely Barcelona for the treat!


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