Spain Chronicles; The Begining

July, 15th, 2018

The day had finally arrived. 4 months prior to this date, after an intense day of work, I got home about midnight; took a shower, loaded my bong and relax for the night. I started surfing the web for plane tickets out of curiosity, and decided to go just for it.

It was my first long time trip and alone. Destinantion: Spain and Italy. Dedicated for 2 things only: Connecting with my roots and Gastronomy. The week before my flight; anxiety kicked in. “ Shit Got Real” was all I could think day by day, along with a mix of emotions never felt before.

38 hours later I landed in Barcelona. I made the mistake of waiting until that same day to book a room somewhere, and spend 1 and half hour sitted on the airport trying to find some place to crash.

Ended up in a hostel right next to “Sagrada Familia”. At first I was bummed, since I wanted my own private setting; But then everything came together, kinda felt like destiny. Met so many people, from different cultures, mentality and lifestyles; and most importantly, learned from them.

And from that day on, many of them have become real true friends.

3 weeks prior to my trip, I dedicated a full morning for reservations in High-End Restaurants. My goal: Try to learn and suck like a sponge every knowledge and experience possible related to both gastronomy and life.