Passions, Desires and Fear

“Nothing great comes in life without sacrfice”. A phrase that many millenials have ignored in the last few years. In todays world, any craft you are curious of, is just a matter of 1 “click”away from it and your WILL to its max. Internet has really become an excellent and powerfull source of information and eduacation. But there is a little trick here; a very sneaky and dangerous one, ADD AND ADDICTION of SOCIAL MEDIA is everywhere! And controlling it is not easy...but why? Because every “beep” of notification is a dose of dopamine to our brains, and that is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. I mention this because we lose so much time just starring at a screen doing absolutely nothing, when we could be learning a new language, spiritualism, other cultures, a new sport or hobbie, READING A BOOK, an so many other productive stuff. If you sit around waiting for it to just come.. time will pass and when you realize it your 30-40 years old and you havent mastered a single craft in life, because you wasted your time being lazy in front of your phone, drinking, sniffing and going to sleep at 5 am? My personal believe.. is a huge DISRESPECT towards LIFE and your OWN SPIRIT.

Have you ever being passionate about something? That desire so big that flows through your veins about how much you want to be the best version that you can about it, trying to understand it and become better with every passing day? If you have this synthoms then you probably suffer from A LOT OF ANXIETY. We become obsessed; when we are sleeping, or just mellowing through the day and cant stop thinking about it. The sensation becomes so annoying you have to pack a bowl medicate yourself to relief the stress that bangs inside of your brain? And What about MULTIPASSIONS? These ones could be total oposites and with absolutely nothing related to each other, but at the same time everything.

As millenials, we no longer seek happiness and success covered in comfort and routine; the 9-5 jobs are senseless and life sucking, repeating the same situations and moments over and over again,without leaving you any positive teaching, leading you to a robotic flow.

Realizing this is not enough, because now you have to work twice as hard and feel the need to pr