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Chef Fratini Story

Chef Manuele Fratini was born in Turin, Italy; in 1993. He started working in the restaurant world at 14 years of age in his parents Italian restaurant. With his father passing away due to cancer, he had to step up and help the family buisiness. He worked for 7 years in the restaurant world; and at the age of 21, started cooking as a private chef in luxury rental homes across Manuel Antonio, Jaco and Dominical. 

 Learned cooking Italian cuisine because his mother was the chef. Soon after, studied  2 years in Culinary School, while working on the restaurant at the same time, and after, he pursued the challenge of self teaching him self, with dedication and sacrifice.

Chef Fratini cooking roots are 100% italian, but travelling, meeting other amazing chefs and knowing different cooking techniques, have shaped his style into a wild hybrid(some might say).

From individual couples dinners, to 100 pax weddings, Chef Fratini team will take care of the specific desired scenario.

Currently located in Manuel Antonio, but available locations for transportation in Jaco, Uvita or Dominical.

''The day we decide to stop learning, is the day our soul dies'' is Chef Manuele Slogan for everyday cooking.


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