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Chef Manuele and his team will take care of any desired scenario you might need.

Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners are available as individual services or packages. We will take care of grocery shopping, preparations(which the team will be at the chef main kitchen prepping 90% of the menu, for then finishing the last touches at the clients location) , service and cleaning of the kitchen.

Are you staying for several days and want several services?

If the client only wants 1 INDIVIDUAL SERVICE( Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner), message us and we will provide pricing according the type of service the client would be interested.

Choose one of the packages down below which will fit your need the most

Send us a message to ask for the prices of each package and lets start this gastronomic journey! 



3 Dinners

From fine dining menus(chef specialty)  to a buffette style of service. It depends what the client want and we will deliver.



3 Dinners and 2 Breakfasts

Every breakfast is served dish style, and every dinner will have a different concept and style of cookery.



5 Breakfasts and 7 Dinners

This one is specially for large groups of family and family that want to completely relax regarding food and groceries


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