Life as a Chef in Paradise...Easy or Hard?

LIFE...what an interest subject to talk about,right? and its one of the most important topics you as a kid have to decide when you are growing up. What interests or talents do we have that Inspires us to evolve as human beings? This are all different questions we ask ourselves everyday of our lives.

Since my childhood, I have always wanted to be a Chef. Watching my parents creating magic in the kitchen through the years, built some sort of solid foundation inside of me about goals and aspirations in the culinary world. I always felt like if it was a part of me, like if me and food would understand and complement with each other.

My pallad began to get educated just because of the expositions to different cuisines, techniques.. but most important; flavours. Don´t get me wrong, it may seem like i had it all figured it out at the time... but then .. LIFE happened... it strikes and challenges you like no one ever will. And if you let it, it will keep you down all of your life. In my particular case, everything turned upside down with my father passing away on 2009 due of cancer. I was 15 years old when that happened, lost, scared and full of sadness; but there was no other choice than to get up and keep moving forward. I began to help my mother in the restaurant by washing dishes(holly shit they were so many). In between that time, serving and bartending was already a training. You could say that from 14-17 years of age, I NEVER touched a single fire, but at the same time, the visual learning technique was getting better and watching my mom cook for so long gave me all the solid foundations of italian cuisine.

After 2 years of Culinary School, learning the basics from french techniques, pastry,japenese, mexican, to advanced cooking. It was really mind opening; something new everyday, meeting a lot of talented people aspiring to be great ( and others where just rich spoiled kids that barely lasted 1 semester) and honestly most of those talented people were kicking my ass cooking wise in many areas by then.

I dropped out of school because of my personal life situation; had to work here (in MA) and sustain myself. It was just not possible for me to keep paying and sustaining both lives. After taking the decision to quit school, the mind shifted. It was time to RELEARN absolutely everything learned in those 2 years of education.I believe by the time I was in College, the environment, “the experience”, and many other factors, were not letting the mind focus the way it had to. There is a difference between knowing how to do somehting just for the act of doing in it and learn the process; than to actually UNDERSTAND THE WHY OF IT. Ba