4 Course 

2 appetizers, 1 Main and a Dessert is served. Normally is mediterranean cuisine, or Fusions made from my experiences travelling around the world and learning from different cuisines.

Fine Dining 

Every month, there is a different Tasting Menu focused on Creative Cuisine, that goes from 5-8 courses. A menu where I play with senses, textures and Imagination of the guest. Check out THIS MONTH menu and BOOK NOW. 

The menu can variate depending the Allergies of the Client. 


Are you coming down with your family or friends and want comfort food all around?  This section is all about comfortness and warm flavor profiles. Menus designed for family gatherings or with friends. The service style is ''center of table" where food is placed in the middle of  table for self serving. This service consists on 2 Courses; the Main Course with its garnishes, and a Dessert. 


A style of cooking special for Party Celebrations; Bachelors, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and many more!

Food and service are informal and is all about having fun with the ones you care. 

Street Food, Pool Grilling, Fingerfood is Included here.


This is probably one of the most important days in a couple's life, and as a chef it gives me so much happiness to be able to be part of this experience by giving a special memory to the pallads. We can take care of the ''Reception Dinner" and the ''Wedding Dinner''.

BAR SERVICE is NOT included

Prices variate depending the amount of people, experience selected and High Value Ingredientes that may be requested by the client. 

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