Spain Chronicles: ABaC Restaurant; Part 1

This trip to Europe, came thanks to all my “ San Pellegrino” Experience last year. I had been working so hard since I was 14 years old growing in the kitchen, and never giving up. Suddenly, when everything in life was just going wrong, touching rock bottom amd even some nights having ugly non-desirable thoughts, I got selected in the semifinals of the San Pellegrino Young Chef Competition; but this is another story for another day.

By this moment, my fire inside was low becasue of how Life was having fun kicking my ass. After the SPC, it was added gallons of gasoline to this little fire; motivation came back. But most important, my creativity and will of becoming somebody in the gastronomic world.

With all of this, tons of education came through, and here is where a decision had to be made. 2 months travelling; surfing the best waves in the world in Indonesia, OR a Gastronomic Tour towards Europe.

As you can notice, I was having a HUGE internal dilemma; surfing the best waves of the world, or tasting and studying the best food in the world.

Even if 50% of me really wanted to go surf, I had to take advantage of this fire that was going on inside me; because something had changed. This is where Michellin Star Restaurant “ aBaC” came into play. Jordi Cruz is the owner an chef; but at the same time, has been a huge mentor for me thanks to technology. After studying him for very long time and learning from his cooking, I wanted to try really bad to have an experience at aBaC.

I booked a table 3 weeks before my trip started.

I had read the menus online an trying to understand them, as well as the prices; lets be honest, it was the most fucking expensive dinner of my life so far(325 Euros) with wine pairing included. But I was ready, thats why I travelled to Europe in the 1st place. I worked and sacrificed so much through my youngest years, but everything has being paying out in the present, and motivating me to become a better chef.

Every person has a different learning ability and different types of inteligence; once you can identify them, canalizing the energy in it, amazing things happen.

Visual learning is an incredible powerfull tool I have learned to use; and regarding gastronomy, my brain is like a sponge.

The booking to the restaurant was made for July 18th. Suddenly, there I was...dressed sharp and a little nervous I could say... about to enter a door that helped me grow hugely as a person, and a chef. But why and how? …. I guess is because I am a Virgo ..

”Experiences shape you to make you be the person you are today”

NEXT WEEK! .... "Spain Chronicles; The ABaC Experience, Part 2

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